Pondering on Trust

I’ve been watching 4 houses being built on the field behind our home. The first workmen to arrive were digger drivers, followed by people who knew how to lay foundations. Once all was done and dried, the bricklayers arrived. They had total faith in the foundations their team-mates had laid and the walls went up quickly. They were well versed in how to bond a brick wall. When the roofers arrived the crane driver had to manoeuvre the trusses up to roof level without knocking his fellow workers off the scaffolding. They showed no fear as they waited for the great wooden roof supports to land at their feet. They had complete faith in the crane driver’s ability.
What, I asked myself, was the basis of their trust in one another? I assume they had worked together before, perhaps many times. They knew their colleagues had undergone the necessary training and knew how to do their job. Trust was based on experience and high expectation.
Isn’t this true of any relationships we have? We learn to trust others as we observe the way they behave and experience their behaviour towards us. We recognise those who have been taught how to treat others politely, how to be helpful, how to do what they say they will, in short, how to be trustworthy.
The big question is, do we trust ourselves? Do we have faith in our ability to be good at what we do while still being good to other people? In my experience, those who do not trust others have two traits. One: they think no one else can do as good a job as they can and two: they are willing to cut corners and assume everyone else to be as they are. The first is pride and the second rationalisation. Neither are characteristics worth aspiring to because they bring a life of loneliness and self-hate. Trust, however, is a recipe for happiness. As we trust other people we may sometimes be disappointed by them but we will never be disappointed in ourselves. Indeed, we will learn to trust ourselves when we find ourselves able to act in ways that build others rather than pull them down.
The most important trust of all is to trust in God. Whatever you call Him, trust that He loves you. He is always there for you, if you will allow Him in.
Trust is the basis of true friendship and love. May you be surrounded this year by people you trust, may you learn to trust in your own ability to be a good friend and mentor to those who need you and may your trust in God grow as you experience His loving care and answers to your sincere prayers.
Happy New Year!

Published by Wendy J Allen Art

I am an artist living in beautiful East Anglia, a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother, and I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! I paint abstractly, trying to capture my feelings about things. Images may arise from memories of places and times or music that inspires me. You can see my work on www.wendyjallenart.uk and #wendyjallenart on Instagram.

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