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Courage To Stand

This 30cm square panel was painted in Spring 2022, when the news had recently broken that Russia had invaded Ukraine. Working intuitively, I chose these strong colours and contrasts, along with bold strokes, When I stood back from it, I recognised a lot of my feelings about the people of Ukraine and their courage to stand up to the threats that could have felt overwhelming. Acrylic on cradled panel.


Ghost Ships

Feelings of mistiness and things emerging and disappearing, there and not there. ‘Ghost Ships’ was named by my husband! You might see something quite different. NB. Colours may vary slightly from the digital rendering. 30cm square wood panel, with plain white frame. Acrylics and mixed media.


Trust and Be Not Afraid

During 2021 I began a series of small paintings based on my favourite hymns, not illustrating them but painting intuitively to what I heard and felt as I listened to them being sung. This one is based on a hymn written by Sarah F. Adams, with music by Lowell Mason that talks about how the ‘crosses’ we bear and the cross of our Saviour combine to draw us closer to our Heavenly Father and are blessings for which we should give thanks.


Trust and Be Not Afraid #2

This is one of the series on Trust – specifically trust in God. The solidity of straight lines and right angles contrasts with the fluidity of life’s challenges. Trust in God – He knows you and loves you and never changes! Stretched canvas, 40x30cms, framed


Trust #3

Third in the ‘Trust” series. The hardest time to trust God is when all around you seems to be going awry. Sometimes your trust almost gets submerged, just as the word ‘trust’ is in this work. No matter what is going wrong in life your eternal progress is on track so long as you trust in your Creator! acrylics on cradled panel, 40×50 cms approx


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