Ghost Ships

I think this has feelings of mistiness and things emerging and disappearing, there and not there. ‘Ghost Ships’ was named by my husband! You might see something quite different. NB. Colours may vary slightly from the digital rendering. 30cm square wood panel, with frame. Acrylics and mixed media.


Ghost Ships -framed
Ghost Ships with frame
acrylic on paper, framed painting

Cloud Connections

Turquoise, cadmium red and cadmium yellow mix to create the ground colour in this acrylic painting on paper. ‘Cloud Connections’ was titled because its complexity of marks reminded me of my mental image of the worldwide web! Others see goldfish or a garden. It may mean something totally different to you! The image size is 61×64 cm. Framed in a simple white frame with a soft white mount, the overall size is 63×79 cm.


Playing With Purple

Colour is as much my subject as anything else. I love to play with a colour to see what I can make it do. ‘Playing With Purple’ evolved into an abstract dream landscape evoking memories of the Yorkshire moors with mist rising and tiny glimmers of sunlight reflecting on dampness. At least, that’s what it says to me. It may mean something quite different to you!


Violet and Cadmium Yellow

‘Violet and Cadmium Yellow’ is another colour experiment. The artist, Patrick Heron, said, “My whole subject is colour.” I couldn’t agree more! Violet and yellow, opposites on the colour wheel, either fight or play. Here they do both, quietening one another in some places and sparking off each other elsewhere.


Trust -acrylic painting for sale

Trust And Be Not Afraid

This is one of a series on Trust – specifically trust in God. The solidity of straight lines and right angles contrasts with the fluidity of life’s challenges. Trust in God – He knows you and loves you and never changes! Stretched canvas, 40x30cms


Nearer My God To Thee’

During 2021 I began a series of small paintings based on my favourite hymns, not illustrating them but painting intuitively to what I heard and felt as I listened to them being sung. This one is based on a hymn written by Sarah F. Adams, with music by Lowell Mason that talks about how the ‘crosses’ we bear and the cross of our Saviour combine to draw us closer to our Heavenly Father and are blessings for which we should give thanks.


acrylic painting for sale

Trust And Not Be Afraid #2

This is another in the series on Trust. The stability of straight lines and right angles represent the personal peace that ensues when we trust the Lord to help us through whatever the storms of life throw at us. Stretched canvas 50×40 cm


acrylic painting for sale


The third in the Trust series. Trust in ourselves is an important facet of self-confidence and success but trust in God can underpin that in significant ways. No matter what is going wrong in life your eternal progress is on track so long as you trust in your Creator. He always wants to help but will not impose Himself on you. He waits to be invited! Acrylic on panel 41×51 cm, 2cm deep


The Spirit Of God #2

Another work based on my feelings as I listened to the hymn of the same name. A lot of joy in this one as it celebrates the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, bringing peace to the hearts of those who are troubled! 30 cm square wood panel


February Hope

‘February Hope’ was painted after almost a year of the consequences of a pandemic had kept us prisoners in our homes, apart from occasional exercise or essential trips to the grocery store. As Spring came around, we dared to hope that the virus would soon be conquered. It is that tentative hope that has percolated through my subconscious mind as I created this small board.


The Fire Within

‘The Fire Within’ was inspired by spiritually uplifting experiences that happened as I was able to spend more time painting. One of the blessings of pandemic lockdown for me was that no one expected me to be going anywhere or doing anything, except attend a regular zoom meeting! It gave me freedom to commune with God and with myself as I expressed my innermost feelings with paint. This is painted on paper and is framed.


acrylic painting for sale


‘Unfurled’ began as an abstract composition but Spring unfurling around us raises the spirits and brings hope for the future and I couldn’t resist adding the line-work! 50×50 cm canvas



The following items are hand-made artist’s books made by Wendy J. Allen in small editions, i.e. there is more than one of each design. However, because they are hand-made, no two are actually completely identical. Each is unique!


‘Price’ is a pocket-sized book, rubber-stamp printed on small price tags. It hangs from a dream-catcher that has a suspension eyelet at the top. It could go on a keyring or hang over your mirror to browse the phrases printed one to a page. Each is a pondering topic by itself as well as being part of the whole message. Edition of 10, each hand-made


Petal Books Set

These ‘petal’ books each comprise a number of paper circles connected with a metal eyelet. The text is inkjet printed and many of the pages are hand-coloured. Each has an uplifting and hopefully inspiring thought. Titles: ‘Arrange’, ‘Whatever’, ‘Whoever’ and ‘Gardening The Soul’ – £15 per set of 4



This artist’s book was a response to this phrase, possibly an Old English magic chant used for finding something you’ve lost. This idea is the basis on which I composed the poem, situating it in a miniature leporello, the style referencing the journey, with the toy on the cover having connotations of detective work and of childhood stories. The ‘illustration’, composed of hand-punched holes gives opportunity to find another ‘key’ phrase as well as suggestions of shapes within the groupings. This poem is also a riddle, full of possibly meaningful nonsense! Letter-press printed, edition of 10, each hand-made and unique.


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I hope you will enjoy your purchase for many years to come.

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